Chicago Renews Brick Sewers, Installs New System

The Chicago suburb of Niles is just getting started on the village’s largest infrastructure project to date: the Cleveland Relief Sewer Project. The project is intended to relieve flooding for 200 homes located near Cleveland Street. The project includes the installation of a new storm sewer with a 72-inch main line. The new storm water sewers will provide flood relief to roughly 140 homes in the area. Residents impacted by flooding in the area have incurred damage inside their residences due to flooded basements. Approximately 11,200 feet of new stormwater sewer will be installed. The cost of the project totals approximately $8.7 million. A$2 million grant with a low interest loan from the state’s EPA will be used to the fund the cost. The Cleveland Street Relief Sewer Construction Project has been the community’s highest priority project for several years. Once completed, the new system will move water away from homes in the area thereby reducing flood damages, lessening the amount of water that ends up in the village’s sewer system. Traffic will be impacted in portions of the neighborhood and detours will be posted as necessary.

More work on sewers: The city is also embarking on a multi-year program to renew Chicago’s aging brick sewers. The city of Chicago has over 4,600 miles of sewer, and renews approximately 50 miles of 8-inch to 48-inch diameter sewer pipes and 5,000 sewer structures annually. The method chosen for the overhaul is cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP) and CIPP structure lining. CIPP lining and structure lining extends the life of hydraulically adequate sewers at lower cost than excavating and replacing sewers in the streets and is less disruptive to vehicular and pedestrian traffic during construction. Construction is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks with an estimated completion date of spring 2019.

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