The City Of Alton Presses On to Regenerate Vital Infrastructure

For many years before Chicago and its suburbs opened treatment plants, sewage drained into the Mississippi River. A lot has changed since then and many facilities are doing more than repairing or replacing aging equipment. Many are also implementing new ammonia and phosphorus standards. The city of Alton is making these impressive upgrades, as well as increasing the capacity for the sewer system. The city of Alton is currently proposing a sewer separation project to create a more advanced and complete system. The city is compiling a long-term control plan based on the sewer systems response to wet weather events, as well as an alternate control plan to handle both the sewage and rainwater. Additionally, the plan will place an emphasis on improving water quality.

More sewer news: In recent months, the city of Naperville experienced a temporary closure to a local park frequented for its many attributes, including nature trails and kayaking adventures. The closure was necessary due to flooding and damages sustained from a sewer overflow. The required maintenance also included preventative measures for keeping the lid on future backups. Now that the flooding damage has been addressed, the city will begin its comprehensive testing of the sewer system this week. This will involve smoke testing which is used as a means to uncover any leaks and problem areas in the pipelining system.  It is anticipated that the process will take up to four weeks to complete. In order to conduct the inspection, non-toxic smoke is forced into the sewer lines. Smoke will be visible during the analysis but is harmless.2

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