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The Time is Now: Invest in State’s Infrastructure

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It’s the trending theme around the nation when it comes to water infrastructure. It’s aging and people need to start getting serious about its needs. Chicago and Illinois are no different.

Infrastructure investments are not being made and they need to be. There are issues happening right in front of our eyes and still nothing is being done. With crumbling bridges, buckling roads and outdated pipelines, it’s easy to see why investing in infrastructure has support from across the political spectrum. But, it’ll take more than support to get something done.

A bill right now is in the works – the first since 2009. Although it’s great there’s work in progress, Illinois can’t wait another 10 years to make change. Invest before the problems arise. Plan ahead.

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is participating in Infrastructure Week 2019 by joining organizations across the country in raising awareness about the critical need for increased investment in our crumbling infrastructure.

Many of the region’s local sewers were built more than 100 years ago and are not equipped to handle the flow of wastewater and stormwater during intense rain events. The result is water flooding our streets and filling our basements.

When our water pipelines are left neglected, they can weaken and break, leading to a lack of drinking water and contaminated waterways. Without adequate investment and partnership, a clean water crisis may be closer than we realize.

Infrastructure is more than roads, bridges and pipes. It’s the airports, rail systems and ports that help us get where we need to go. Infrastructure is inherently important to the growth and success of the state of Illinois.

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Waterline Renewal Technologies
Waterline Renewal Technologies
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